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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Someone broke into my car that a home burglar alarms dumbass

Yes, they just ran away with my SIRIUS radio, and for some reason they didn't take the amp or subs. .. that radio was purchased for only $ 30 and that was two years ago, no wonder some people try to steal for a living, they are too stupid to go to College. Since I heard, sirius can reactivate old radios, even if reported stolen. Oh well, fuck changes tore the power cable into the process of steal it. I doubt he would be smart enough to repair a broken cable anyway, I'm just keeping my blocked ports and my alarm ready in case he feels like back .... no one had any dumb robbers steal them?bungee well, according to this man, he needed SIRIUS radio that had a broken power cord .... or maybe just lik

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