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Sunday, October 10, 2010

The door-to-door seller beware

Posted by Richard in Home Security
  We often hear in the House alarm industry, innocent consumers who lied and deceived by the door to door sales people.  This is largely because of the routine use of high pressure sales tactics and downright lie to a sale.  Often, there are often hidden costs which are never discussed.  Some of the door-to-door seller quote a single rate for the monitoring service, then that increases after you log on.  Most will never to the consumer that they spend, to another holding the follow-up. We have a number of broken and false promises, with all the sense of ethics and quality control thrown right out of the window. At Alarm Force, we never go door to door.  Consumers are free to call to 1-800-267-2001 to get all the data on the phone with no pressure.  The following article is from security systems News (May 2010 Edition), and is one of the many examples that expose the deceit and edit that is associated with the sale of door-to-door alarm.We will keep posting these articles if they are in the future. REMEMBER, never TRUST DOOR-TO-DOOR SALES PEOPLE. here's why Pinnacle settles Illinois AG Pinnacle says it's "getting ready for a new industry standard that out over time, will turn out to be"

CHICAGO — The Illinois Attorney General's Office announced this week that they have a October 2009 lawsuit against the summer sales model company Pinnacle Security.

The lawsuit charged that Pinnacle door-to-door sellers customers, in particular, ADT customers, competitors targeted and misleading sales tactics used to customers of ADT Pinnacle.

"A lot of Illinois homeowners who signed up for home security products as a result of Pinnacle's false claims were stuck paying for services they do not need," said Lisa Madigan of the Attorney-General (Illinois) in a statement. " This agreement is intended to put an end to these deceptive marketing practices, the company the sales teams more police and provide some relief for customers demand it. "

Pinnacle under the arrangement to pay eligible Illinois consumer contracts as a result of misleading sales tactics.

Pinnacle has also decided to make sure that the vendors accurately represent for whom they work, the terms of service and any termination fees they may be liable for if they have a contract with another company in the homeland security. Pinnacle agreed to pay no Commission for sellers who contracts by means of fraudulent tactics.

Pinnacle COO Steve Hafen said his company "worked closely with the Illinois Attorney General's Office to investigate, identify and eliminate cases where individuals acted outside of our code of conduct laid down.He stressed that the solution is specific to certain employees and there was "no problem with our products and services."

Also, he noticed that Pinnacle has, over the last few months "mode to lead to substantial changes in compliance and the Protocol relating to the area of human resources, training and detection and enforcement that nationwide, including in Illinois, and his current troubleshooting and dramatically reduce the likelihood of further incidents remain."

Hafen said Pinnacle believes that its internal initiatives "will create a new industry standard that will turn out to be in time."Further, he said that Pinnacle Security "would not allow persons who are waiting outside our global code of conduct."

Pinnacle's is made of new ways to get feedback directly from the customer service. "One of the various initiatives that we have recently implemented a customer service research better current levels of satisfaction to measure, "said Hafen. While all complaints are taken seriously, Hafen pointed out that the number of complaints a small percentage of Pinnacle customers is:" the new protocols and compliance initiatives were created to solve problems that are less than 0.5% of our growing customer base. we are not comfortable with any level of dissatisfaction. "

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