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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Alarm Force announces the acquisition of a plan for the protection of the rights in the

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alarm-converted2Alarm Force industries, Inc. announced today that the Board of Directors of the company has agreed to the adoption of a shareholder rights, effective March 3, 2010. the purpose of the shareholder rights plan is to ensure, as far as possible, equal treatment of all shareholders of the company and free in connection with an initiative aimed at promoting mechanisms for the control of the company.

The purpose of the plan of the rights to a potential bidder for a "permitted bid", subject to conditions designed to meet the objectives of the plan of rights, or to negotiate the terms of the offer with the Board of Directors of the company. A permitted bid is a takeover bid made to all the holders of shares of the company (with the exception of the offeror) is created for all of the holding, by means of a takeover bid round prepared in compliance with the applicable securities laws, which remains open for acceptance by the shareholders of the company for 60 days, and which fulfils certain conditions and other voting shares.

The company is not aware of any specific takeover bid for the company that has been created, or is under consideration.The rights plan is not intended to and will not prevent a takeover of the company.

The plan of the rights should be confirmed by the shareholders within a period of six months after the actual date.The company plans at the moment, the approval of the shareholders of the settlement of the rights at its annual and special meeting will take place on 14 April 2010. an indication of the rights is subject to acceptance by the Toronto Stock Exchange.

A complete copy of the rights is available upon request. Shareholders who wish to receive a copy of the program rights must make their request by phone at (416) 445-2001, by facsimile to (416) 445-9381, via email at or post it to Alarm Force industries, Inc., 675 Garyray Drive, Toronto, Ontario M9L 1R2, Attention: Ms Margaret Brady. a copy of the programme rights will be posted on SEDAR at

Alarm Force industries, Inc.
Department of the investor relations
416-445-2001 Ext. 225
416-445-9381 (FAX)

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